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Proud to Secure Our Nation’s Choices

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Securing our Nations Choices since 2007

We know how valuable voting is, and how devastating it can be when ballots are vandalized. Take extra precautions on protecting valuable ballots with our High Security Ballot Boxes.

Our Fort Knox Ballot Boxes are unlike any available on the market.  Made from 1/4″ steel (“4” gauge), our smallest Ballot Box weighs in at 300 LBS!  We have three different sizes available, and if these don’t work for you, we can go custom.

One main option is to add front AND rear entry for ballot drop off for walk up and drive-up situations. They come with the ability to be locked in the open and closed positions for on and off voting seasons. Also included is a tag system for a serial or seal setup for security.  There are also many more options and accessories available.  Thank you for your consideration in choosing us for the security of your county ballots.

View Our Ballot Boxes Now

“Fort Knox:
You guys are the best! The mailbox was sent to me very quickly and it’s the best I’ve ever seen. When you love a mailbox this much, you have to customize it. My new pal, Mick at “Bad Ass Paint” located in Los Angeles customized my Fort Knox mailbox with an incredible one of a kind paint job. Since I live in a canyon in Los Angeles the kids go up and down each side of the street batting the mailboxes. Now with the Fort Knox mailbox, I don’t have any worries now. Also, theft is no longer a concern either. This thing is a beast. Sometimes it is the little things in life that make us the happiest.
All the best,”



Durable and Secure Ballot Boxes you can Trust

Voting boxes are usually made of materials such as metal or plastic.  Fort Knox Ballot Boxes are made of 1/4″ thick steel to prevent tampering, deter vandals, and keep the weather out.  These heavy-duty, post-mounted drop boxes have many security features such as recessed doors, a baffle system drop door, and up-gradable locks.  The Posts can be cemented into the ground or, bolted to a sidewalk.   Ballots will be kept secure and locked up until collected on Election Day.  The powder-coating finish is rust-resistant.  

Why Secure Ballot Boxes are Critical for our Democracy

They are typically placed in polling stations or voting booths, and voters drop their completed ballots into the boxes to be counted. In some cases, Ballot Boxes may be placed in other locations such as public buildings or schools, to make it more convenient for people to vote. The use of Ballot Boxes ensures that the results of an election are accurately and fairly recorded, and they play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the democratic process.  Voters can feel secure about their voted ballots with the reinforced doors and all welded hinges. 

Customizing Ballot Drop Boxes

Rear doors can be added for easy walk-up and drive-up situations.  They come with the ability to be locked in the open and closed positions for on and off-voting seasons.  Also included is a tag system for a serial or seal setup for security.  Ballot Boxes are also coated in our thick powder-coating finish to be rust-resistant.  Our secure voting boxes will ensure that county elections go smoothly and untampered.  Typically, counties will advertise with a drop box locator where the safe voting boxes are located and county residents are free to drop off their ballots when convenient.  

Fort Knox Voting Boxes can hold between 750-3500 Ballots, depending on which of three different sizes is ordered. Customized “skins” and county logos are available to place on the front and sides of the Voting Boxes.  Vinyl covers are also available to protect your secure ballot center during the off-season. Each Ballot Box also has a free decal set to demote “Vote Here, Voting Closed, etc.”